The Trade And The Sniper

Episode 1

My name is Max, and my friends call me “The Sniper”. I have always loved to be my own own boss. I love to prove a point when it comes to achieving seemingly difficult tasks.   Working hard is what I do best. However, where others fail, I dare to succeed against all odds. In fact, success with Forex trading is has been my testimony all the way. “Patience is a virtue”, my uncle once told me. This virtue has been my driver when it comes to trading Forex assets.  

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Four Key Trading Habits My Two Cents Bursting Bubble Trader I Blew It Again!   This is the story of Max Steel and his trading life. Max was born without a silver spoon. In his college days, he was one of the young entrepreneurs in school. He ran a small business and made money on his own to avoid a situation where he will be too dependent on his parents.   Max, an intelligent student, was always ready to learn something new everyday at the school library. Little wonder, Max learnt about Forex on the radio via an advert, on the need for young people to go into Forex trading.   “Forex trading is a business that has Value, Volume and Frequency, VVF” says the advert. “Value in Forex means, with any amount of money (investment capital, as low as $10), one can invest and make profit”.   “Volume is, you can trade currencies anywhere in the world, and with any broker” “Frequency means, you get to trade Forex everyday. Trading is endless” The trade and the sniper Max interest for Forex trading developed right there and then, as the Radio presenter stressed the need to earn gradually while trading Forex.   A date was announced on the Radio for a free training on Forex, and Max hurriedly scribbled down the details of the venue for the training.   On the day of of the training, at a venue located in town, Max got to the venue 30 minutes before time. The training was quite interactive and participants were swayed off their feet as Mr Lucas, the training instructor showed them around the world of Forex trading.   At the training, Max met some other participants. Max hooked up with Roderick and Gomez during break, and they became friends.  

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Four Key Trading Habits My Two Cents Bursting Bubble Trader I Blew It Again!  

Episode 2

Two months later, Gomez called Max on the phone explaining how things have become so easy with a strategy he just learnt from a Forex guru. “This strategy is dope bro! It is called Price action strategy, and I am in love with it. It changed the way I see trades nowadays”.   “Max, you see with price action strategy, you really do not need indicators on your MT4”, Gomez hinted Max. “Are you serious, Gomez!  Does Roderick know about this style of trading as well?”, Max asked curiously. “I am not sure about that, Max. But we can tell him later”, Gomez replied.   Max moved into action the moment Gomez hung up the phone. He started his research on Google search engine and the phrase “Price Action Strategy” popped up a lot of search results.   He learnt about the three elements of price action which are; market structure, support and resistance and candlestick patterns. Max read  about pin bar trading.   Two weeks later, Max reviewed his performance on his demo account and he was happy with what he saw. “It will be a great idea if I can master price action strategy”, Max muttered to himself. He observed that there are some particular setups that gives sniper trade entries. Examples of such setups are when there is a pin bar formation at areas of support and resistance. Sniper entries are professional trade entries that are on point, and registers little or no draw-down when executed.  

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