Content Writing Basics

Content writing is the activity that involves of organizing, writing and editing web content, basically for digital marketing purposes.

Content Writing helps us to organize content formats such as:

  • Video scripts.

  • Email newsletters.

  • Keynote speeches.

  • Social media posts.

  • Podcast titles.

  • White papers.

  • Web page copy.

  • Landing pages.

  • YouTube video descriptions.

content writing image The basics of content writing are;

1. Creating your Content Outline:

Content Outline will serve as a guide for you. It speeds up the writing process.

It gives you a perspective that allows you to see your write-up in a manner that is impossible for you to see while writing.

For example, a mentorship content Outline will be in this format:

  • Mission

  • Philosophy

  • Goals/Purpose

  • Objective

  • Program Guidelines

  • Contact Information

2. Make It Easy To Read and Share

Great contents are easy to read and share. If posts are difficult for people to read and understand, no one will read such posts.

However, you may decide to make your content concise, entertaining and of good quality.

Your write-ups should be able to grab attention of readers.

Obey the following rules when writing attention grabbing contents:

  1. Make a promise.

  2. Use numbers.

  3. Use enticing words like adjectives.

  4. Why, What, How, and When.

The need to make your readers look in your direction is very important.

It is is important that you grab your reader’s attention in the first sentence.

Ensure that the main information or message for which you grabbed your readers attention in the first place, is worthwhile.

Knowing your reader’s pain point and including it in your headline and first paragraph is also important.

Make an interesting promise — such as: best ways to write articles fast without reducing quality.

Sometimes, you may use pictures to grab attention.

Encourage questions from your readers will also have good effect on your content readership. ontent writing image 2

3. Make It Actionable

Making your content very useful is a good step in the right direction.

Including Step by step process or tips is one of the ways to make your content actionable to your readers.

There are instances where you will need to make use of examples.

4. Make It Trustworthy

For readers to share and link to your content, they need to trust it first.

The use of proper grammar is important for you to achieve this. You will also need to do your homework.

5. Give a Superb Headline and Introduction

Your headline and introduction are incredibly important.


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