Boom & Crash Weekend Review

Boom and Crash Weekend Review page will give Volatility Index traders price forecast during the weekend. Basically, you will find price analysis review on this page with a quick scan of potential Boom and Crash spikes. Emphasis will be more on the analysis of Boom 1000 Index, Boom 500 Index, Crash 1000 Index and Crash 500 Index. More focus and analysis will be on price charts with emphasis on which direction price may likely go during the weekend. Technically, the following forecasts will be achieved with the use of Mulilo Strategy, Megaphone Price Swing, Zuri and Mega-Smash strategy. As readers, we will expect you to follow this page forecast in line with your own trading strategy or analysis. During weekends, we will upload some interesting analyses on Boom and Crash Index here. As Boom and Crash Index traders, you will find possibilities that may be of immense benefit to you on this page.

BOOM 1000 INDEX: Mulilo Strategy


Boom 1000 Index price is currently spiking up and it is currently at 10874.60 Price is currently rising fast on the 4 hour time frame. We expect that price will go further upside, as cluster of resistance (Sellers) are at 11030 area. Technically, Boom 1000 Index spike may continue on the 4 hour time frame. However, 11030 area  is currently lined with a cluster of resistance. Small account traders may not trade in line with this forecast as price may retrace considerably before getting to target. Summary: Analyzing with Mulilo Strategy on the four hour time frame, likely price target is 11030. Conservative Stop loss or closure of losing trade may be at 10776. BOOM 1000 INDEX FORECAST FOR 27TH FEB 2021


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