Gold Market Cap 27th May 2021

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XAUUSD is currently Bullish on the daily time frame. Price close for 26th May 2021 is below the pivot point (pivot point is 1899.93, while closing price is 1896.43).

Resistance 3


Resistance 2


Resistance 1


Pivot Point


Support 1


Support 2


Support 3


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1 hr Time Frame:

Price is currently back in a Bullish structure on the one hour time frame. We have a breakout of the range top at 1890 area in the previous trading session. However, price has just tested the 1890 zone, looking for a Support.

Sellers were unable to close price below the 1890 area.

A break of the current high 1912 will take price to 1921 area (Resistance 2). Sellers will now focus on pushing price down below the Support 1 area (1887 area).

The Pivot point 1899, is currently above price.

1874 zone may serve as a support if price decides to head South.

Technically, the Bulls are currently in control as every dip in price will be used as a Buying point by the Bulls.

However, Sellers will need to break the immediate Support zone first (1887 area).

  XAUUSD 1hr 26th May 2021 That said, Bulls have already doubled the reinforcement below Support 1 at 1887 zone, ready to defend it. We believe that the 1887 zone may serve as a major support near term. The 200 Simple Moving Average SMA is currently below price at the 1873 area.

It (200 SMA) is also turning up at a much faster rate towards price.

Levels to watch on 1hr time frame:

Resistance: 1909, 1921, and 1931.

Support: 1890, 1887, 1877, and 1865.

4 hr Time Frame:

In this section, we will be analyzing the Golden Cross on the 4 hour time frame. Currently on the 4 hour time frame, the Golden Cross is running as the 50 SMA crossed above the 200 SMA at 1729 area. Bulls took advantage of this Cross back then (15th April 2021), and it is currently a leverage for the Bulls. Price is now far above the 50 SMA after bouncing off at the Area of Value, 1811 zone.

The effect of the Bullish Golden Cross is still strong. Price may see more upside movement as a result of this.

Price is now rising High.

The 50 SMA is currently at 1877 area.

Sellers may have some level of hope if by chance, price drops and close below the 50 SMA.

XAUUSD 4hr golden cross 27th MAY 2021

Daily Time Frame:

Market opened at 1896.38 below previous day pivot (previous day pivot is 1899.93). Bulls may want to take advantage of this to push price upward by the end of the day. Technically, we currently have a Bullish market structure which is visible on the Daily chart.

Daily price is currently printing Higher High, Higher Low levels.

Price is also moving in an ascending channel.

Previous High/Resistance (1890 level) may now turn to our Support in the next few weeks.

XAUUSD DAILY 27TH May 2021 firstA      

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